3D Vegetation Practice

I wanted to practice creating some simple vegetation and I’ve always liked the more fatty leafs of ground living semi-bushes in tropical regions.

I wanted to be able to implement this in my current project should the opportunity, and need arise. I wrote a short explanation of its role in our universe, here’s an excerpt.

The Diospyros Boarius, or Tuskboar Lilly grows in lush meadows where ample shading is available. From the stem of each leaf grows a single berry the size of a grown man’s fist.

The berries of the Tuskboar Lilly are the favorite foodstuffs of the Arborian Tuskboar. Despite its name, the plant has never actually been caught in bloom, it is instead believed that the seeds are pollinated within the reticulum, the second of the Tuskboar’s four bellies.

Despite the unrivaled healing properties of the berries, very few healers ever learn how to properly distill the fatty syrup found within the seeds. The simple reason being that even a 3 month old Tuskboar, is ferocious enough to strike fear into the most hardy pack of hunters.

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