Experimental Houdini Auto Flow Map for Unity

This is a WIP HDA (Houdini Digital Asset) I made to utilize a height map, procedural geometry or a terrain to work with a custom water shader I wrote for Unity. What it does, is that it takes the direction of the water flow and the water vertexes where the two geometries intersect to create a vertex color driven flow map.

The shader additionally shows foam based upon the power of the flow and the proximity to intersecting geometry.

Here you see an exaggerated version of the final geometry inside of Houdini.

Above is a older version with a pre-baked joint-based fbx animation baked out from Houdini, below is the animation in full.

There are multiple parts to this, the entire look is shader based and could easily be used in any workflow, but the unique part is done in Houdini.

This is the output from Houdini inside of Unity, beautiful isn’t it? See that red and green color on the large yellow plane, that’s the secret!

As for the color of the terrain (red, green and blue), that only relates to material masking so that can safely be ignored.

I’m still trying to figure out how to make the water flow, away and around based upon a general ocean direction, but I will put that on the shelf for now, most players wouldn’t notice it anyways!

So we come to the final result rendered inside of Unity 5.5.0a4.

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