FG II : Useful? Scripts for Hard Surface Modeling

Hello everyone,

I’ve started putting together a small modeling toolkit specifically for dealing with the most common and time consuming hard surface tasks I went through while creating my chest.

What can it do?
  • Create UV Seams from Hard Edges
  • Create Hard Edges from UV Seams
  • Layout with correct Padding Values without scaling your UV Islands
  • Layout with correct Padding Values and scale your UV Islands to fit the 0 to 1 UV Space
  • Copy Pivots of all Selected Objects and Center the Pivots
  • Restore the Pivots of the previously Selected Objects.
How does it work?

Simply select the objects and/or edges you want the script to work on.


-> JMD Modeling UI <-


  1. Copy jmdModelingUI.py to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\maya\VERSION\scripts
    1. In my case this would be C:\Users\jona.marklund\Documents\maya\2018\scripts
  2. Copy
    import jmdModelingUI
  3. Select the text and Middle Mouse Button drag it onto a shelf.
  4. Select Python as script type.
  5. Right click the icon and select “Edit”.
  6. Click the “Shelves” tab inside of the window which just opened.
  7. Change the “Icon Label” to something that makes sense (I’ll make an icon later).

If you missed it, here’s the script again!

-> JMD Modeling UI <-

I’m most likely going to keep updating this UI with more useful scripts and functionality throughout the education so check them out, I hope you will find them useful!

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