UE4 – 4.8 Key Framed Mesh Vertex Animation Preview / Tutorial


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Thanks for all of the kind words in regards to my last Tutorial series on Timeline Vertex Animation in Unreal Engine 4.8.

To show my appreciation I decided to quickly create another set of tutorials, this time we will cover a similar and equally recent (4.8) topic, namely key framed mesh animation.
In part one we create the mesh, or rather meshes, needed for our animation to play in UE4. To accomplish this, we simply duplicate a simple knight mesh a few times, and apply a melt modifier with increased amounts of strength.

After this is done, the modifier stacks are collapsed to each separate mesh, we do this by reconverting the meshes to editable poly.

We then position the meshes, run the script which Epic has so kindly provided, and make sure they are ready for export by selecting them by degree of meltiness.


Part one, start 3Ds Max!

In part two we look at the import settings we’ll use for the fbx we created in part one, we also setup full precision UVs and distance field.

We then create our material and set it up for the melting knight using the new sequence flipbook Max Script function in the material editor.

Tl;dr again?

Part two, start your engines!

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