Alternate history: Giordano Bruno - Game Character and Rig (real-time)

First entry into a series on alternate history of people I admire as well as my first proper attempt at a human since.. 2008. I learned a lot during the creation of Giordano, roughly 45 hours from start to finish with an additional 20 spent on learning xgen and creating real-time hair.

Anno Domini 1596, Giordano was delivered from the clutches of the roman Inquisition by an assassination half accomplished. Bleeding profusely from multiple lacerations, his keepers occupied by the would-be killer, Giordano hurled himself into the rapidly flowing Tiber.

After weeks of fevered dreams, he found himself in the Collegium Divi Thomae de Urbe, nursed back to health by students of medicine.

It is now 1601 and Giordano, aged 53 has long since cast off his scholarly mantle, instead focusing his mnemonic techniques on mastering the art of healing. He now travels Europe in the guise of a plague doctor. Paying the kindness afforded onto him forward, to victims of the bubonic plague.